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Search, Discover and Empower local restaurants by ordering directly with Comiida.
Our goal is providing commission free ordering. Ditch third-party fees and make a direct impact in your neighborhood.

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Restaurants can avoid excessive third-party fees with Comiida which allows the savings to be passed down to the customers. Everyone Wins.

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Why Comiida?

We came together as food enthusiasts to fulfill a passion by supporting local restaurants. Comiida is a marketing platform that will help bring more diners to restaurants without the excessive third-party fees. .

We understand the complications of third-party food delivery. Through Comiida, the hassle of fees and third-party handling is a thing of the past. By ordering directly from your desired restaurant, you will receive your food faster, and hot and less of cost. .

We put the control back into the restaurants hands by letting them handle customer service and their own delivery drivers.

So, Ditch the third-party fees, and make an impact in your neighborhood; and join us – and make a difference in your community.

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Diners now have the ultimate resource to order direct from beloved restaurants.

We started as a team of food industry veterans with a single goal: to help the local restaurants we love and give diners a way to directly support them.
So we created Comiida, connecting diners with great neighborhood restaurants while pointing them to a restaurant’s website to order direct.
But why order direct? It’s simple. Third-party services charge high fees just for using their platform, making restaurants lose an average of $6.00 per order. Ordering direct maximizes the money kept by a local business and their employees without having to cut corners or sacrifice quality for their diners.
Try Comiida, We make it simple to search, discover, and use resources to order direct from the best restaurants in your community. Join us - we’re all eating la vida local!